WR Conversations

There is always a level of uncertainty when we venture into new career paths.

Where should I start? How do I know if I am on the right track? How can I tackle challenges that surface along the way?

Bernadette, Rita and Wan Ting certainly did answer many of these questions based on their experiences. It was inspiring to hear about their career journeys where they too stumbled along the way but picked themselves up and made it to the positions that they hold respectively.

Participants did enjoy the intimate session with the panellists as they got the opportunity to interact with them!

Thank You to all the panellists for taking us on your amazing career journeys!

November 2017

Wan Ting Poh
Manager, Data Science at Allianz
Managing Director, Girls in Tech Singapore

Data geek and AI enthusiast with experience spanning med-, ad- and insur-tech. A strong believer that technology can drive the world to be a better place, Wan Ting recognizes the importance of diversity in this digital revolution and strives towards the day where everyone feels empowered in STEM.

Bernadette Wong
Businesswoman, Creative Eateries

Bernadette Wong is a Director of Corporate Affairs and Human Resources in her homegrown Food and Beverage family business, Creative Eateries. Her constant day-to-day contact with a varied workforce that cuts across, gender, age, racial and educational demographics has shaped Bernadette’s interest in developing ways to empower her company’s workforce by involving them in knowledge-driven projects that are so pertinent in today’s competitive business landscape. She is also passionate at working towards creating a company culture that is professional whilst familial and that possesses an outlook that considers the needs of the less fortunate.

Her belief that true fulfilment lies in using one’s talents for the betterment of one’s neighbour has also led Bernadette to develop a strong desire to help others recognize their strengths and to match them with the higher callings of service to family, community and humanity. Bernadette enjoys regularly attending performances by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, diving and trekking as these activities remind her of the beauty of Creation and of what inspired human hands are capable of.

Rita Abdellatifi
Director, SAP Analytics
Global Centre of Excellence, APJ & GC
Predictive Analytics Expert

Rita is responsible for driving success of SAP Analytics solutions in APJ and Great China. With over 15 years’ experience in Machine Learning and advanced analytics and specifically in the area of Predictive and Computing Science she has deep and diverse working experience using Data Science (SAS, IBM SPSS, SAP PA, Statistica, Matlab, R, Python…), Data management (RDBMS, Hadoop, HANA…) across diverse industries including banking, public services, telecommunication, manufacturing and digital sector. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the statistical and mathematical methods for businesses in international context, she was a Mathematics and Statistics teacher at the University La Sorbonne (Paris) during 2 years.

Rita is a Datascientistand comes from KXEN where she spent 4 years as a presales. Before joining the Software Industry, she was working in Banking, Public Services and Consulting Sector. She is originally from France and travelled around the globe (Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Middle-East, South America, APJ, GC…) to promote the business value of ML and Predictive. She speaks fluently French, English, Spanish and Arabic.