WR Presents: LinkedIn

To start the year off, Women’s Register collaborated with LinkedIn to help members get the most out of their LinkedIn profiles.

The talk shared with participants some tips on how to improve their profiles, search for their dream career, as well as how to network and better leverage their connections. The talk was led by LinkedIn’s Mac Witmer, Laura Burns and Jolene Sng.

The evening ended with an exclusive tour of the Singapore LinkedIn office.

Participants gained key insights on how to stand out with their profiles and make the most out of the platform to achieve professional growth.

A big thank you to LinkedIn for hosting this meaningful event!

8 February 2017

Jolene Sng

Jolene Sng is currently part of the Agency and Channel sales team at LinkedIn. Her first love was public speaking where she almost went down the line to be a radio deejay, but fell in love with marketing down the road and had been in this field since. Jolene is passionate about educating APAC’s marketing media agencies in helping them understand and leverage the LinkedIn platform to achieve their clients’ goals. Fresh out of university, Jolene has been working at LinkedIn for close to a year. Prior to that, she had her own online start up with some friends at 19 and had also done several internships at companies such as Hasbro.

Laura Burns

Laura Burns is a Talent Solutions Consultant on the Inbound Sales Development team. She has a background in Marketing, Market Research, Psychology, Events and Sales. After studying in the local Singapore system, Laura moved to New Zealand for University where she enjoyed road trips and going to the beach during her free time. Currently, Laura is excited to be part of LinkedIn’s vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. She is particularly passionate about enabling individuals to find careers that they truly love so that they find meaning in their lives and satisfaction in what they do. To get through her own daily routines, Laura can’t start her day without a good cup of coffee!