#WRInspoHero Campaign

In March, we celebrated International Women’s Day with SCWO’s SuperSHEro campaign where stories of inspiring women were shared. In these past months, we have also celebrated and showed gratitude towards the heros who have played a huge role in the fight against COVID-19 all over the World.

#WRInspoHero campaign would like to build on the idea of “hero(s)” and to encourage everyone to remember the feminist inspirational hero(s) in our lives through ways of storytelling (your hero does not have to be a woman). They can be individuals who you know personally or individuals who you have no personal interactions with, but who inspires you on your journey as a woman.

For example, they can be a public figure – the one who champions for gender equality; or they can be your superiors – the one who gave you equal opportunities, respect and voice as your male colleagues; or your co-worker – the one who stood up against the client who made rude sexist comments on the female employees in your workplace; or your mentors – the ones who did not think you will go less far in life because you are a woman; or your teacher – the one who encouraged you to pursue your passion in engineering even if society tells you that engineering is a man’s industry; or they can be your family – the one who showed you that household chores are not just a woman’s responsibility, or your dad who told you that anything that a boy can do, you can as well.

We would like to encourage everyone to share stories of their #WRInspoHero through a 1-2 minutes video or through a picture and heartfelt post, to remember that there is always a feminist hero among us – those who had left an impact on us or on others, the ones who inspire us as a woman in this World.

Here are some guiding questions for your post: ( You can include some or all, up to you)

  1. Who is this person?
  2. Why does she/he inspire me on my journey as a woman?
  3. What is one memory I have that struck me about this person? ( If you know this person); Or what is the one thing that this person did or said that struck me and why does it resonate with me?
  4. What have I learnt (maybe one lesson?) from this person and how has it impacted me?
  5. What is my call to action/takeaway for the audience? (takeaway that you want the audience to remember)
  6. Tag someone and encourage them to share about their hero!

Please include the following hashtags in your post: #womensregister #WRInspoHero